Advisory and Business Consultancy

Why Choose Us?

Because our reach is wide and involves almost the whole world. We collaborate with institutional, research and educational bodies that allow us to have a very wide network of resources and knowledge to offer our community. Thanks to our professionals, your company will be supported in the preliminary analysis and during all the operations preceding and following the entry into the global market.


When it comes to the international market, sales strategies and results are the only things that really matter. With us by your side, you can be sure of working with a specific product/service and a targeted audience.


Taking the first step into a new market can be destabilising without the right support and knowledge of the Country you want to step in. Joy Investment can follow your business on all fronts from start to finish with the right guidance!


Relationships with our customers are based on trust in the first place. At the very beginning of a collaboration, it is crucial for the client to receive the right attention, with a relationship based on transparency and clarity!

Joy Investment is a Czech company associated with the Italy-Czech Republic Chamber of Commerce, an institution that supports the internationalisation activities of companies, with a wide network of associates with whom we work closely.

Joy Investment supports the initiatives of the Start-Up Cluster, the innovation hub of the CCIRC through a targeted programme of projects and events. The Cluster represents a real aggregation hub for innovative Start-Ups and SMEs operating in different business sectors.


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