Meeting with Italian Ambassador – Abu Dhabi

Advancing the Italo-European and Emirati cooperation in the Higher Education was a top agenda item during our meeting with H.E. the Ambassador of Italy in Abu Dhabi, UAE Lorenzo Fanara on 20 March 2023, where H.E. appreciated the Emirati rigorous efforts to establish UAE as an international Eucation Hub, bringing the top Educational institution to the region and developing the much needed Human Capital to fuel its fast-growing economy.

We have discussed our recent success in bringing to the region, the Italian Superior Yachting Ecosystem from Viareggio Toscana, represented by the world renowned NAVIGO cluster, thanks to the efforts of Pietro Angelini General Manager of NAVIGO.

Khaled Sedrak, NAVIGO’s Chief Strategy Officer MEA, has given a brief presentation about NAVIGO expansion plans in the Middle East-Africa region.

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H.E. Lorenzo Fanara - Italian Embassy in Abu Dhabi - Etihad Towers, Tower 3 Floor 19th and 28th - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates