Visit at uSky Test&Certification Centre

My business mission to the UAE for new partnerships and opportunities involved a visit to the fantastic and futuristic technology of Usky: new ecofriendly, safe, comfortable and cost-efficient both in production and operation transport system for cargo and passengers transportation founded by Anatoli Unitsky.
Unitsky is an engineer, author and General designer of string transport systems: a breakthrough technology is embodied in transport and infrastructure complexes by Unitsky String Technologies, Inc., a company group lead by himself, which is entering the global market.

In the first visit we had the opportunity to test and try out Usky’s technology, getting on board the latter thanks to the CEO Sergei Tarasov who explained to us in detail all the peculiarities, technical specifications and safety controls of this futuristic technology.

The second meeting was an opportunity to lay the foundations for a collaboration and to discuss with Anatoli Unitsky and his Management team the opportunities to bring this technology of the future to Europe and in the MENA region.