Meeting with Evergreen Egypt & NCFA | Rome

This week was a week full of interesting and fruitful meetings for us in the pursuit of some micro and macro goals in the name of our mission: internationalisation.

Visiting me in Rome was the President and CEO of the National Company for Fisheries and Aquaculture (NCFA) and the President of the world’s largest fish plant, Evergreen Egypt United, Mr. Almuslimany.

Evergreen Egypt United is a member of Arab-Chinese Association which is affiliated with Arab League Organization: it is connecting Arabian countries with China, working as a bridge connecting the two nations not only for Business & Trade but for Culture Exchange as well.
Evergreen Egypt United has semi-intensive farming technology, intensive culture technology and owns more than 60,000 cages. It is one of the companies of the Guangdong Evergreen Group and ranked 28 in the field of fish feed as a global fish farming company.

The CCIRC President, as Board Member of Joy Investment, made arrangements with the President of Evergreen to expand the project globally and lay the foundation for long-term collaborations, of which a signing ceremony between Joy Investment and the Arab-Chinese Association is in the process of being held.